What is Google Classroom? How to use Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free web service that is developed by Google for schools that aim to create, distribute and simplify grading in a paperless manner. The primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students.

Google combines Google Drive for writing in Google Classroom, Google Drive for Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, Gmail for communication, and Google Calendar for scheduling. Students can be invited to join the class through a private code or can be automatically imported from the school domain. Each class creates a separate folder in the user’s drive, where the student can work to be classified by a teacher. Available mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, take photos and engage users with assignments, share files from other apps, and access offline information. Teachers can monitor progress for each student, and after classification, teachers can return to work with comments.

What is Google Classroom? How to use Google Classroom


Google Classroom was announced on May 6, 2014, in which there was a preview available for some members of Google’s G-suite for Education program. It was released publicly on August 12, 2014. On June 29, 2015, Google announced the share button for class APIs and websites, allowing school administrators and developers to go ahead with Google Classroom. On August 24, Google unified Google Calendar in the classroom for assignment deadlines, field trips and class speakers. In March 2017, Google opened a classroom to allow a personal Google user to join classes without requiring a G-suite for the education account, and in April, to make and teach any individual Google user a classroom Made possible

On August 7, 2018, Google announced class refresh, adding a class work section, improving the grading interface, adding facilities for teachers to reuse classification from other classes and organize content based on topics.

How to Use Google Classroom

1. Creating a Classroom and Adding Students

Google Classroom allows you to create a unique classroom for each of the classes you teach. In only three mouse clicks and some keystrokes, you can create a class. Google classes have been divided into various articles … for the purpose of this article, I will cover the students and the stream.

In the student section, you can see all the students in your class. You can either add students to your class manually, or they may join their classes using their own Google account. When you create a class, Google-Class gives you a class code on the left side of the screen. Share that class code with the students you want to include in that class. With their computer, laptop or Chromebook, students log in to their Google account and use class codes to join.

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In the student section, you can also determine that your students are allowed to comment on the questions, announcements, and assignments you have made or if they can only post. If you want, you can choose the only one who can post and comment in your class.
In the Stream section, you will find assignments, announcements, and questions that you create. This is the section in which you spend most of your time after the installation of your classes. 

2. Using Google Classroom Assignment

The assignment is a great way to gather student work and provide feedback and grades to your students. When you make an assignment, you can provide specific instructions for that assignment, due date, and subject. If you include the due date for the assignment, then the students will be up to 11:59 on the date of submitting their work for that assignment. If they delay working, Google Classroom still accepts assignments but indicates that it was late.

One of the best features of Google Classroom Assignment is that you can add files to the assignments you have created. You can add a file from Google Drive, a YouTube video, a file from your computer, or a link to a website. One idea is that a business education teacher can assign a writing signal to a relevant person in the news and can add a link to a YouTube video of the person who is giving a speech.

Students can submit any type of file to your class, not only on Google Docs. Not only the students can submit their entire work in the form of files, but you can open them directly from the class and grade them there. You can open files submitted in your class as long as your computer’s internet connection and software required to open a file … You do not even need to be on your school computer!

3. Spark Discussions with Question Feature

Google Classroom allows you to ask a question within a specific class. With assignments, you can add files to the questions you have posted and you can assign the due date if you wish. You can post a short answer or multiple choice questions for your students to answer in class.

Since students answer more than one option question, Google-Class tabulates the results of that question and shows you a breakdown of students’ answers in real-time. When you click on any of the multiple options, the classroom indicates which student has chosen that option.

When students answer a short answer question, Google Classroom can not bar outcome results, so it only shows student reactions. At that time, you can comment or answer each student, and give a fit as you see fit.

4. Announcements for your students

In addition to creating question and assignments, Google Classroom allows you to create announcements. Students can answer your announcements and you can answer by making a thread. In reality, there can be a conversation on the basis of an announcement in the whole class. Once again you have the option to add a file, a YouTube video, or an announcement link.

Announcements are a great way for your students to post a reminder about assignment due dates. You can also post announcements to post at a later date, which can help you organize as well as stay with your students.

I do not have a homeroom, so I do not have any announcements, but I think Homeroom teachers can use the Announcement feature to post a reminder, permission forms for field trips, handouts if students lose them or they Forget about lockers, this list goes on long.

5. Why should Google Classroom be used in alternative courses for middle school

I find most attractive about Google Classroom, that allows you to better communicate with your students outside of the classroom. Google Classroom students should be physically in the classroom so that you can ask them a question. Now you can do it anytime. Similarly, students can work on internet access anywhere. This saves those who teach alternative courses for secondary school when you think how many students we can have during the school year!

Google Classroom saves you time and paper, and allows you to create classes, post assignments, and easily communicate with your students. This allows you to see which student has completed his work and you can provide direct, real-time feedback and grades. Google Class Essentially puts all your assignments, announcements, and student work in one place.

If there is a Google account through your district, the class bus is waiting to help you challenge and engage your students.


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