Tips For Gaming laptops

Gaming on a laptop will never be perfect – at least not when compared to playing your favorite shooter on the desktop PC. There are indispensable agreements that are made to cram components in a relatively small notebook chassis, reduce them in large amounts, and ensure that the entire caboodle does not warm.

But those compromises do not mean that gaming is not a worthwhile pursuit on a notebook. Far from this – ultimately, this is the only way you can enjoy the explosion of PC gaming, while you can be on the outside and almost, long and deadly slack train. And of course, there are ways to improve your laptop gaming experience, which in fact we are going to look at these tips.


1. Do not overwrite

It pays to choose a game with fewer spec requirements, as is clear enough, they will run very nicely on notebooks (especially a cheap or lower end laptop). This means that the graphics, or maybe playing with the old titles.

This does not mean that you have to play garbage, because there are some great contemporary indie attempts which are not CPU or GPU-intensive – it seems that the Cuphead and some classics that are still, er, Classics In the latter case, you can try a little outdated like Sims 4 (which is actually the ‘laptop’ mode for smooth running). See our facility which lists the load of resource-light games.

2. Resolve your resolution 

For best performance, especially with more demanding games, closing the screen resolution is a good idea. After all, it is better to have a smooth running shooter where you can actually target and hit the bad guys, compared to a beautiful looking slideshow in which you are roaming and shaking around the level, without There is no hope of killing the burning door.

Leave the display resolution as low as you can go without stupidity, accounting for your personal tolerance for low-quality graphics. Equally, go to the in-game menu to close the level of detail, and be sure to get rid of fancy effects such as anti-aliasing, wide shadow, water wave effect and so much faster.

3. Keep everything in order

Over time, your laptop – or in fact, any PC – gradually accumulates more problems which makes it more sluggish, because you install more games and software. You can clean the house, and fire your disk cleanup and run your Windows notebook a little faster (just type it in the Cortana / Search bar, next to the Start button on Windows 10, and to launch it on the icon Click). Alternatively, you may prefer to use a free utility of CCleaner or similar; We have covered you with options on that front.

Also, make sure that you are not using any other apps or services that you do not need while playing a game because they will eat the resources that the games can otherwise use. Close all running applications, and you can see Task Manager (Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete simultaneously, then click on Task Manager) to see which apps have the highest CPU, memory and disk space Are using It is also possible to close the background processes, but be careful that do not stop anything important for the operation of Windows (if you are not sure what something does, leave alone).

After all, it is also a good idea to ensure that the driver for your notebook hardware is up to date, especially the graphics driver – it is really important and can put a big difference in the performance of some games – if you have a different GPU ( I.e. not integrated into the processor).

4. Stay in control

Instead of trying to play games on the keyboard, or actually trying to play games with keyboards and portable icons – when it is at premium premiums can be difficult, say, on a cramped train table – invest in a console gamepad (or just Use if you already have a console then your existing one). Once you get adjusted, many games play really well with the gamepad; And some pads are also the best with.

Microsoft’s Xbox One Controller, incredibly, is fully supported in Windows and is the best choice in that respect, though the PS4 Controller works fine too.

5. Bright Thoughts

As well as putting a tax on your components, the game can also cut your battery, and when you exit the juice, the game definitely ends. An easy way to help save power is to reduce the screen brightness, at least as much as you can, while still having a gaming experience.

On the related note, make sure that your power plan (control panel> hardware and sound> power option) is not set for balanced and high performance because the latter benefits are not worth it in terms of additional battery drain. Do not forget that you can buy portable battery charger for a notebook to give extra longevity while moving forward.


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