Top 9 Treading New Technology of 2019


In this article, I am talking about the new technology of 2019. Technology is an amazing thing in itself. Due to technology, our life has become much easier. We will also see new technology in 2019, which will be quite amazing, which we have never imagined.

Technology is now growing at such a fast pace that annual predictions of trends can be outdated even before being published as a published blog post or article. As the technique develops, it also enables rapid changes and progress, which increases the rate of change, after all, it will be exponential.

Technology-based careers do not change at the same speed, but they do not grow. the general IT professionals acknowledge that their role will not be the same. The IT worker of the 21st Century will be constantly learning, if not needed, out of necessity.

What does this mean for you? This means that stay current with technology trends. And this means keeping in view the future, to know which skills you need and what kind of employment you want to be eligible for.

New Technology of 2019

1. Al (Artificial Intelligence)

In the field of artificial intelligence technology, there is a word of discussion for the last two decades.

technology, new technology of 2019

All companies are focusing on exploiting the power of AI because it is the only medium of cutting age, otherwise, it does not take time to become obsolete in the world of technology like Nokia and Blackberry.

The power of AI is very high and the companies are more serious about it. There are many stories on the internet to replace many employees with AI-based systems and make them redundant.

What Is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

AI full form is Artificial Intelligence it means artificial intelligence or artificial mind. It is such a simulation that machines are given human intelligence or if they say so, their brains are so advanced that they can think and act like humans. This is done only in the computer system. The process consists mainly of three processes and they are the first learning (where the information is placed in the brain of machines and they are taught some rules so that they fulfill any given task by following those rules), the second Reasoning (The machines under it are instructed to follow the rules they make and move forward towards the result so that they get approximate or definite conclusion) and the third is Self-Correction.

If we talk about AI’s special application then it includes an expert system, speech recognition, and machine vision.

First of all, about the artificial intelligence, John McCarthy told the world. He was an American Computer Scientist who first described this technology in 1956 in the Dartmouth Conference. Today it has become very big like a tree and everything from all robotics process automation to actual robotics comes under it. In the past few years, it has gained a lot of publicity as it has joined the technology of big data and its daily increasing speed, size, and variety of data business, many companies want to adopt this technology. If I talk about AI, it has become very easy to identify the pattern in raw data, there are many mistakes by humans, due to which companies get more insight over their data in less time.

2. Internet of Thing (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that allows us to move all of our work that we can with the help of a machine to move it into automatic mode.

(IOT) Internet of thing devices are connected to the Internet and we can remotely locate and collect data. From the collection of data, we can monitor and analyze data and increase efficient systems and productivity.


There are many predictions about the total connected devices in the world. IHS projects 30.7 billion IoT devices for the market 2020, and Gartner is expected to be 20.8 billion by that time (excluding smartphones, tablets, and computers). Finally, IDC estimates 28.1 billion (again, not counting those devices).

What is the Internet of thing?

Internet of Things (IoT) It is a concept that tells you how it will be if all things in the world are brought in daily usage if you are connected to the internet. If I tell the definition of simple words in the simplest terms then it is that the Internet of things which we call the IOT in Short actually have all the devices that are connected to the internet and communicate with each other, these are smart devices Let us send data to each other.

With the help of the Internet of Things, we can control things used by our daily life such as mobile phones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, and everything that is running without wire.

3. Blockchain

This can be a strange subject for the common people, but in the coming time, the biggest impact will be on the general public. Therefore, today we tell you about Blockchain Technology from the eyes of the common people. You must have heard about crypto and Bitcoin. This has been the subject of discussion among investors around the world for the last 2 years.

new technology of 2019, technology

And just as Linux has been the core of modern application development for almost a decade, Blockchain is also going to be a very good resource in the coming time, to share information, and which will cost less and implement it with ease. Can be between open and private networks But there was a lot of hype in people about Blockchain Technology, because they thought it could completely change the technology of our future. This thing is quite true, but by saying such things, it will not be understandable, but we have to fully understand Blockchain Technology.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Before knowing blockchain, you should understand this very well, that Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin are different. That is, both are completely different. The blockchain is a technology platform where we can save any of our records even if it is a currency. The i.e. blockchain is a digital laser.I.e. blockchain is one type of digital laser. Bitcoin is a digital medium, through which we and you or some other things can buy and sell benches. If you are aware of the true deal, then you should understand it in this way that you were given coins separately to purchase a piece of goods, whose price was only within the real deal, it was a waste in the market outside.

4. Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing? Maybe you’ve heard it many times but do you know what Cloud Computing is all about? As we know, in some years computer network technologies have made a lot of progress. Since the Internet has expressed its existence, there has been a lot of advancement in the field of Computer Network and there has been considerable research in the fields of technologies like Distributed Computing and Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing is actually the use of internet-based process and computer application. Google Apps is an example of cloud computing that provides business applications online and can be accessed using a web browser.

technology, new technology of 2019

It is a straightforward thing to say in a slightly expanded and simple form that till now the software programs that you have installed locally on your computer and Due to cloud storage, you will not need things like laptops, notebooks, and memory cards to store your data. Not only this, but you will also get many such features offline, even though sequences like Google Gear.

Users have no knowledge of, technical expertise or control over the “cloud” technical framework that helps them.

5. Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual is a technique in which we feel as though we are in the same world. Maybe you have not heard of the Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality means that something that is not in reality but the one who sees it There is a feeling of being. You can think of how this can be so, how can we see things that are not, but it is a technology in which you feel real.

technology, virtual reality

What is Virtual Reality Technology?

Virtual reality is a virtual world that is created by computer software, but you can become a part of it. (VR)Virtual Reality is a computer technology that is used to create a fantasy world that lets you feel that you are in that world. Virtual Reality is used in the 3d Environment for Applications related to High Visual Multimedia.

(VR)Virtual Reality is a technique in which you experience being in the world generated by the computer when we take any movie meditation so that we feel as if what is happening in front of us is in Actually But Actually does not happen, it is our imagination.

6. Machine Learning

Even though hearing is not possible, this is true, but nowadays AI has become much more advanced so that these Machines can do many things which were not possible to get the first thought. Since machine learning can be easily handled multi-dimensional and multi-variety data in the dynamic environment, it is very important for all the technical students to get complete information about it. There are thousands of advantages of Machine Learning that we use in our daily work.

What is Machine Learning Technology?

Machine Learning technology is one type of Application. The artificial intelligence (AI) that provides the system the ability to learn automatically and also improve itself if needed. Machine learning always focuses on the development of Computer Programs so that it can access the data and later it can be used for its own learning.

It starts with the observations of learning data, for example, direct experience, or instruction, to find patterns in data and to make better decisions in the future. The main goal of Machine Learning is how to automatically learn learners without any human intervention or assistance so that they can adjust their actions accordingly.

7. Holographic Smartphone

Most people will know about 3D images, and you will also see 3D movies, just like the Holographic smartphone has a 3D camera which can show all the pictures with all the direction.

technology, holographic smartphone

The front camera of a holographic smartphone is movable in it and as soon as we look at its eyes, it moves in the same direction.

If we play video games on our mobile then the 3D video game has its own fun. In holographic smartphones, it will be very easy to watch any video and play games and we will be able to see everything easily.

8. Jetpack

jetpack is a concept is present in science fiction from almost a century and became widespread in the 1960s. Real jetpacks have been developed using different types of mechanisms, but their use is very much in comparison to their hypothetical counterparts due to the atmospheric, gravitational, low energy density of available fuel and the challenges of not being able to fly the human body. Are more limited. Practical use of jet pack has been in extra-vehicle activities for astronauts.

technology, jetpack

In most common words, a jet pack is a wearable device that allows the user to fly and emphasize. It is necessary for the jet pack to constantly push the mass in the direction below.

While some designs have electrical and/or mass supplied from external, ground sources, an unanticipated flight has to take all the flying fuel into the pack. As a result, there are problems related to the overall mass ratio, which limits the maximum flight time to tens of seconds instead of the plan envisaged in science fiction.

9. Self-driving car

In the last few years, you have heard about Google’s self-driving car related experiments. To qualify as a fully autonomous, a vehicle must be able to navigate to a predetermined destination on the roads without human intervention, which has not been adapted for its use.

Companies that develop and/or test Autonomous cars include Audi, BMW, Ford, Google, General Motors, Tesla, Volkswagen, and Volvo. Google’s trial included a fleet of self-driving cars – including Toyota Priai and an Audi TT – navigating 140,000 miles of California roads and highways.

Autonomy level in self-driving cars

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) introduces six levels of automation, starting with zero. Where the drivers drive through driver support technologies to fully autonomous cars.

Level 1: Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) assists the human driver with steering, braking or acceleration, although not simultaneously. ADAS features such features as a rearview camera and an active seat alert. when they get out of the travel lane, alert the drivers.

Level 2: An ADAS which is fully aware of the wheel behind the wheel and can break or accelerate simultaneously and continues to act as driver.

Level 3: An automated driving system (ADS) can do all the driving tasks in some circumstances, such as car parking. In these circumstances, the human driver must be ready to take control again and still be the main driver of the vehicle.

Level 4: An ADS is capable of doing all the driving tasks and in some circumstances the monitoring of the driving environment. In those circumstances, ADS is reliable enough that the human driver does not need to pay attention.

Level 5: The ADS of the vehicle acts as a virtual chauffeur and does all the driving under all circumstances.

Final words:

I hope you’ve liked this new technology of 2019. Then share this article with your friends and family members and comment on how you feel about our article. Thank you for reading this article.


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