How to install Microsoft Office 2019.

Roll-up, roll-up, because Microsoft Office 2019 is in the city, which is now available for you to purchase and download which do not want a rolling membership for Office 365. You pay for Office 2019 once, and then it’s yours forever (or there)
Here we will explain clearly how you can go about buying, downloading and installing Office 2019 on your computer, as well as briefly describing some of the new features you can expect. Note that you will need a Microsoft account to complete the download process.

Office 2019 new features

Office 2019 brings many new features to know about this, although Office 365 subscribers will already have seen most of them roll out: A new focus mode in Word is distortion-free reading, better translation, and text-to-speech capabilities. For better smart email sorting in Outlook, and some fantastic new PowerPoint transitions
3D models can be easily imported and tampered with, while Vanott has been given a major overhaul to include support for ink-to-text (replace handwriting in real digital words). In fact, support for stylus devices has been improved in the board. Not anything dramatic, but some good touch.

Why buy office 2019?

Instead of Microsoft, you will pay a monthly fee for Office 365, but if you prefer off-payment, Office 2019 is the option. You get the same software, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, but you do not get the OneDrive or cloud support features of continuous feature updates through the year.
You get important security updates and bug fixes for Office 2019, but you will not receive a continuous stream of feature upgrades that benefit from Office 365 customers. It is also important to keep in mind that you can only install suits on one computer (Office 365 ups which are limited to five). Microsoft has a brief summary of the differences that you can read here.
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Download and install Office 2019

First of all, see Office 2019 System Requirements: You need 4 GB RAM (2 GB for the 32-bit version), DirectX 9 or later, and at least one dual-core processor. System requirements are not very hard, but importantly you need to run Windows 10 for the Windows version of Office 2019.
To get started with Office 2019, go here. The software will set you back £ 24.99 / $ 24.9.99, and you will have to click the ‘Add to Cart’ button to sign in to your Microsoft account and start the download (if you do not have any Microsoft account, you One can create) Go through checkout and payment process to complete the order.
You will be instructed to download the software, which you can always access from If you sign in with your Microsoft credentials and then click Install Office after installation. Once downloaded, choose to open the setup file, and you will be guided through the remaining setup process.
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