Top 6 Mobile Insurance Website to Protect your Mobile.


Mobile Insurance Website: In the past few years, there has been a huge change in the smartphone industry. Having an object of luxury, smartphones have now become a necessity, which helps us in almost everything. When introduced for the first time, the smartphone offered very basic features. However, now smartphones are being launched so that you can manage your entire personal and professional life on one device. In addition to the functionality they provide, Smartphones have become position lift in case of capabilities and style.

In anticipation of the past years, customers are now spending more on smartphones, whose cost can easily go up to one lakh. Like any other article of value, a smartphone is also a potential threat to theft. In addition to theft, being an electronic gadget, smartphones are prone to hardware or software damage or failure, which can be caused by an accident, drop, water spills, screen cracks or many other reasons. Keeping this in mind, in order to help protect against any internal or external damage caused by the device, it is only wise to insurance your smartphone.

The concept of mobile insurance has recently been recently and many smartphone owners know about it or are not willing to buy it. Theft of smartphones has become a very common phenomenon, making it more important for owners to ensure their devices. For high-end smartphones, this security is even more important because they are very attractive targets for theft. In this article, you can learn about the various benefits that provide mobile insurance, provide cover for a mobile insurance policy (normally), what are some exclusions of mobile insurance policy, some companies in India who offer In the case of mobile insurance, how mobile insurance and claim process works for customers.
Keeping in mind the huge reliance on today’s smartphone, mobile insurance can be your best friend. There are some benefits listed below, which provide mobile insurance, which has increased the need for it nowadays.
You recently bought an expensive smartphone and you want to protect it from theft or damage. 

If your previous phone is a history of losing or broken history then the mobile insurance policy is a smart purchase.

Depending on the policy that you took, you can get a replacement without downgrading to a less advanced model for your stolen or damaged smartphones (similar models).

You rely heavily on your smartphone for day-to-day activities and if there is anything in your current handset, then the instant replacement will be required. Mobile insurances can take care of it.

The tagline of Syskagadgetsecure goes, “Whenever life happens, you are unaffected”. This company specializes in niche mobile insurance services. The premium offer of this company is ‘Gadget Safe’ in which it promises full security and security against any type of accidental damage; It is water damage, theft, loss or fire damage.

Top 6 Mobile Insurance Website to Protect your Mobile.
Plans: The company has recently offered 5 schemes based on the price of mobile. One of the plans for all plans is dedicated specifically to Samsung Mobile. 
If the mobile price is between Rs 4000 and Rs 10000, then choose a plan of 595 / year. There are a maximum and last plan in the series for a mobile cost between Rs 25001 and Rs 60,000.

If you are planning to use their services, please see the complete list of policies set by Syskagadgetsecure. Syska’s services and policies are comprehensive to choose from. Also, pay attention to exclusions under which you are not eligible for any warranty.

Quick Heal is synonym name for reliable anti-virus products. He has recently started offering insurance for Android-based mobile devices and providing cover for various types of loss/damage due to damage to theft, loss due to losses, physical damage or damage caused by fire. Does. 

Top 6 Mobile Insurance Website to Protect your Mobile.

The schemes proposed by QuickHell start at Rs 599 and go up to Rs 2,499. The cost of the insurance plan will be based on the cost of the device. To give you better value for money, you will also get a mobile security suite of Quick Heal with your mobile insurances.

Another famous mobile phone insurances company is the SyncNscan. It provides protection against loss of water, accidental damage, and fire damage, during the riot, such as theft or any malicious changes. The company also provides the ability to automatically back up your mobile data and restore, track and delete viruses and spam, access your phone remotely and many other such security features.

Top 6 Mobile Insurance Website to Protect your Mobile.


Plans: After dialing the customer care number, no plan can be bought on the phone.

Onsite Secure is another gadget insurance provider that provides insurance not only for smartphones but also for digital cameras, laptops, and tablets. The company provides several insurance plans based on the value of the device. Insurance provides cover against errors normally occurring, such as poor operating system, faulty charging ports, hardware failure etc. One of the remarkable features of this insurance company is that it provides onsite service, which means that your damaged device will be selected from your door, repaired in the authorized repair center and you return.

Top 6 Mobile Insurance Website to Protect your Mobile.

GadgetCops is one of the first mobile insurances providers. With a special focus on the smartphone, the company offers all-round insurance plans for various electronic devices. Various schemes provided by the company cover theft and accidental damage, as well as much other value-added services. Plans given by gadgetcops will keep your smartphone safe for a period of 2 years. While repair and replacement of various electrical or mechanical flaws will also be provided. They also provide cashless service, under which repair costs will be taken by the company in the repair center, not the insured.

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Times Global is one of the best mobile insurance providers. The company provides reliable mobile insurances plans that start from Rs. 125 per month (for phones between 3,000-15,000 rupees) and 310 rupees per month (for valued phones between 30,000 to 60,000 rupees). The USP of their insurances plans is that it provides 100% cashless insurances cover against accidents, water dispersal or damage caused by a crack screen. With dedicated plans for iPhones and some other smartphones, customers can get 90% reimbursement for theft or lost smartphones.

Top 6 Mobile Insurance Website to Protect your Mobile.

Mobile Insurance Claim Process

Under mobile insurance, the process of lodging claim M is simple and hassle-free. To file a claim, you must provide the insurance provider with your serial number. Along with the purchase invoice/bill of your smartphone. In addition, you will have to register an FIR (first incident report) for the missing phone within the first 24 hours after theft or loss. You can file a claim with the claim information documents and the FIR within 48 hours.


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